Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Critters Hollow Wildlife Sancutary Needs Your Help!

As some of you who follow our non-profit rescue and our endeavors  as we continue to grow already know we proudly announced that we had received our Wildlife Rehabilitation License for Class 3 Mammals in the state of TN! Class 3 Mammals include Squirrels, Opossums, Rabbits,  and any other small mammal that is considered NOT a carrier of the rabies viral disease, this then excludes Raccoons, Skunks & Foxes. 

In the past year we have seen an incredible need in helping these species of animals, as unfortunately there are so few licensed rehabilitators in our area! The calls here at the ranch alone are overwhelming! We do what we can but we need your help to help even more!

So this is our new mission! We so humbly ask for your support in helping us expand out Lil' Rescue and to help us get our RVS (Rabie Vector Species) Wildlife Rehabilitation License! With this license we will be able to help so many more critters, whom would sadly just perish for lack of a helping and loving hand.

The funds raised here will help us get the vaccinations we need and help re-build an existing structure here at the ranch that would be solely used in housing our wildlife visitors.

We THANK YOU so very much for any support! Every dollar raised makes this dream that much closer to reality and enables us to be of service to so many animals that really have a difficult time finding a place to grow, heal and thrive. 

Our Hearts are in Our Hands, but we need help at Critters Hollow!

Happy Tails & Happy Trails Y'all!

Much Love!